Reaching New Heights: Introducing the 2022 JLG 460SJ SP


When it comes to accessing elevated work areas safely and efficiently, the 2022 JLG 460SJ SP boom lift stands out as a top choice in the industry. With its impressive reach and advanced features, this aerial work platform is designed to provide exceptional performance and versatility. Whether it’s construction projects, maintenance tasks, or installation work, the JLG 460SJ SP offers unmatched capabilities and value. Let’s delve into its outstanding features and why it’s a preferred choice for various industries.

Impressive Reach and Versatility

The JLG 460SJ SP boasts an impressive working height of up to 46 feet, allowing workers to access elevated areas with ease. With a horizontal outreach of up to 36 feet, it provides extended reach for tasks that require maneuvering around obstacles or accessing work areas at a distance. This exceptional reach, combined with a platform capacity of up to 500 pounds, ensures that operators can perform a wide range of tasks at height, enhancing productivity on the job site.

Advanced Features for Enhanced Performance

Equipped with advanced features, the 2022 JLG 460SJ SP enhances both efficiency and safety. The machine features a smooth and precise control system that allows operators to maneuver with ease, ensuring precise positioning and increased productivity. Additionally, the platform can rotate up to 180 degrees, providing operators with enhanced flexibility and access to various angles. The boom lift also includes a user-friendly control panel that allows for quick and easy setup, minimizing downtime and maximizing efficiency.

Safety and Productivity

JLG is committed to providing a safe working environment for operators. The 2022 JLG 460SJ SP is equipped with a range of safety features that enhance operator confidence and minimize potential risks. These include an automatic horizontal leveling system that ensures stability on uneven surfaces, a robust fall arrest system to protect operators working at height, and a robust chassis design for enhanced stability during operation. These safety features contribute to improved productivity by allowing operators to focus on the task at hand without compromising their well-being.

Versatility for Multiple Industries

The JLG 460SJ SP is highly versatile, making it suitable for various industries. From construction sites and industrial maintenance to facility management and signage installation, this boom lift caters to a wide range of applications. Its ability to reach high elevations and navigate tight spaces makes it a valuable asset in both indoor and outdoor environments. With its adaptable features and reliable performance, the JLG 460SJ SP provides a versatile solution for businesses across industries.

Estimated Price Range

the base price for a new JLG 460SJ SP boom lift typically falls within the range of $55,000 to $70,000 USD. It’s important to note that this is an estimated range, and the actual price may differ depending on the factors mentioned earlier.

To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it is recommended to contact your local JLG dealer or visit the official JLG website for the latest pricing details and any available financing options.


The 2022 JLG 460SJ SP boom lift exemplifies excellence in performance, versatility, and safety. With its impressive reach, advanced features, and commitment to operator well-being, it is a preferred choice for industries that require access to elevated work areas. Whether it’s construction projects, maintenance tasks, or installation work, the JLG 460SJ SP delivers exceptional performance, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind. Choose the JLG 460SJ SP to take your high-elevation tasks to new heights of efficiency and safety.

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