Unleashing the Power of the 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA Asphalt Compactor: Optimize Your Asphalt Projects

In the realm of asphalt compaction, the 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA stands as a reliable and powerful machine. Built with a robust construction and equipped with advanced features, this compactor is designed to excel in asphalt compaction projects of all sizes. From road construction to parking lots, the DD-158HFA is a game-changer in the construction industry.

Robust Construction for Durability

The 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA asphalt compactor boasts a robust and sturdy construction, ensuring durability and longevity. Its solid build allows it to withstand the demanding nature of asphalt compaction tasks, providing a reliable and consistent performance even in challenging conditions. The compactor’s rugged design instills confidence in its ability to handle rigorous projects, delivering exceptional results time and time again.

Advanced Features for Optimal Performance

Equipped with advanced features, the DD-158HFA takes asphalt compaction to new heights. It features precise controls and innovative technologies that streamline the compaction process, ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. The compactor’s vibration system provides even and thorough compaction, resulting in superior asphalt density and longevity. Additionally, the DD-158HFA offers customizable settings to adapt to various asphalt mixtures and compaction requirements.

Reliable Performance for Exceptional Results

The 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA delivers reliable performance that translates into exceptional results. Its powerful engine and well-engineered drivetrain provide ample power and torque, enabling the compactor to tackle even the toughest asphalt compaction tasks. The machine’s responsive controls and smooth operation enhance productivity on the job site, allowing for efficient and precise compaction.

Versatility for Various Projects

The DD-158HFA is designed to handle a wide range of asphalt compaction projects. From highways and roads to parking lots and other paved surfaces, this compactor can adapt to different project requirements. With its versatile capabilities, the DD-158HFA ensures efficient compaction and optimal results across various construction sites.

Enhanced Efficiency and Cost Savings

The 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA prioritizes efficiency and cost savings. Its advanced features and optimized compaction processes minimize the number of passes required to achieve desired compaction levels, saving time and fuel costs. The compactor’s reliability and durability also contribute to reduced maintenance and downtime expenses, further enhancing overall cost savings for construction projects.

Price range:

The price range for a used 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA asphalt compactor can vary based on factors such as condition, hours of usage, location, and any additional features or attachments included. However, as of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, you can expect the price range for a 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA to be approximately $10,000 to $25,000. It’s important to note that prices can vary, and it’s always recommended to research the specific equipment’s market value and consult with local dealerships or sellers for more accurate and up-to-date pricing information.


The 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA asphalt compactor is a reliable and powerful machine that excels in asphalt compaction projects. With its robust construction, advanced features, and reliable performance, it has become a preferred choice for contractors and construction professionals. Whether you’re working on road construction, parking lots, or any asphalt project, the DD-158HFA offers the capabilities needed to optimize your compaction process and deliver exceptional results. Experience the power and efficiency of the 2005 Ingersoll-Rand DD-158HFA and take your asphalt projects to new heights.

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